This website was built by students in W&J’s CIS Capstone course in order to highlight the research done by the students in W&J’s Introduction to Public History course. The website serves as a way for the information presented at the physical exhibit to be enjoyed digitally, especially for those who cannot visit in person. All research was done by the history class in collaboration with the local chapter of the NAACP.


The students of Dr. Kieran’s Public History course would like to thank the NAACP for their efforts in assisting them with this project.

Land acknowledgment: Washington & Jefferson College sits on the original homelands of the Shawnee and Osage people, who were forcefully removed from the land in the 17th and 18th centuries. We acknowledge those on whose land the college now sits and operates, as we are now direct benefactors of the cultural and natural resources. Let this acknowledgment serve as a reminder for those visiting our exhibit of the history of the land as well as a call to action to truly honor those who have been removed from the land on which the college and surrounding community now sit.

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